#799 Unplanned by Abby Johnson

Unplanned by Abby JohnsonUnplanned by Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson used to manage a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. She helped with abortions. She helped women into the clinic. She kept protesters away from her patients. She tried to provide the best support she actually could. Abby’s journey at Planned Parenthood started out after she had an abortion herself. She later volunteered at Planned Parenthood and was then hired on full-time. Abby, later went on to have a second abortion.

It wasn’t until after years of working at Planned Parenthood that Abby started to have problems. She had been on speaking terms with all the protesters, actually, not protesters, they were the Coalition for Life that stood outside of Planned Parenthood to offer alternatives to abortion. They could connect pregnant women with adoption services, baby supplies, and all manner of support.

One day, Abby was called in to help with an ultrasound guided abortion. She saw the baby on the ultrasound screen, then she saw as the baby was sucked up by the vacuum. She watched the baby crumple into the tube. This was when Abby had a change of heart. She ultimately quit her job at Planned Parenthood. Quitting a job should be no big deal, but for some reason Planned Parenthood tried to sue Abby for quitting. She was second-handedly accused of distributing patient information, doctor information, and employee information from Planned Parenthood, none of which was true.

Abby now volunteers at the Coalition for Life. She tells women how she used to run the Planned Parenthood clinic and now she stands on the other side of the fence, helping women find ways to keep their babies.

What I liked

I liked having Abby’s perspective from both sides of the argument. She’s a little too “Jesus” for my tastes, but I understand that this is her faith and she’s excited about it. Abortion is one of those grey areas and it’s nice to have a perspective that will recognize that to an extent.

I do feel how Abby feels about this subject. For me, most of the time, you probably shouldn’t get an abortion. I’m glad it’s legal because I don’t want to hear about women dying, in some back alley because they couldn’t get an abortion and had to go to some guy who said he knew how to do an abortion. I’m glad it’s legal, but I’m on the baby side of the fence. It’s a baby and it’s especially a baby after the first trimester. Late-term abortions should not be a thing at all.

What I didn’t like

Abby’s descriptions of abortions are awful, horrifying. I cannot imagine watching an ultrasound of a baby getting sucked into a vacuum. Abby’s description of the process hurt my heart. Abby also told this story about a woman going in for a late-term abortion, at something like thirty-six weeks. That is insanity. That is a baby people. That baby could be born and live a happy life.

I really like the idea of something like Planned Parenthood existing for care and birth control. There should be a place where you can go to get cheap birth control if you cannot afford to go to a regular doctor to get it prescribed. There should be a place where you can receive cheap prenatal care. There should be a place where you can go to get STD testing. All of this should exist. What should not exist is an organization that pushes abortions as their main item. It’s fine if they offer abortions, but too many Planned Parenthood organizations have stated that they don’t really offer other care. Someone needs to fix that. The entire idea of Planned Parenthood was to make planning being a parent, or not being a parent, easier–that means birth control, checkups, condoms, and testing, not abortion after abortion.

The idea of late-term abortion is horrific. I’m sorry, but if a baby can survive outside the womb, which is twenty-two weeks on, then an abortion should not be allowed, unless, there are medical problems which would prevent that baby from surviving or the mother surviving.

I really get abortion, if it’s early on, and you were raped, or it was incest, or it would be medically dangerous, or mentally hazardous, but I don’t get it just because you don’t want to be pregnant. I also get it from the money stand point to an extent. You can’t afford to have a child. I really wish adoption services were a larger part of Planned Parenthood. Why not set people up with services where they can get their healthcare provided for and then find that baby a home? Honestly, I even get the idea of an abortion simply because a woman doesn’t want to be pregnant, but that doesn’t mean I agree with abortion under those circumstances.

There was a time in my life, a very short time, that if I had gotten pregnant during that period, that I would have seriously considered having an abortion. I don’t know that I could have ever gone through with it, if it had happened, but it was a serious backup plan, not because I didn’t want children, or because I couldn’t afford it, which I couldn’t, or because I was scared of being pregnant, or because I had medical concerns–it was because of who the father would have been at the time and there was absolutely no way I could have ever stayed tied to him in any way; I knew I couldn’t mentally handle it. I’m glad circumstances never led me to have to make that decision. These days, I wouldn’t consider getting an abortion if I were to get pregnant.

This book just makes me sad.


I don’t know how I feel about Abby’s Coalition or Planned Parenthood entirely, but I’m glad both are there to provide women with what they need, no matter what they choose.

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What do you think about Abby’s flip on the matter?

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