#831 A Duet with Darkness by Allison Pang

A Duet with Darkness by Allison PangA Duet with Darkness by Allison Pang

Melanie is a violinist; she’s gifted. Currently, she and her band are traveling to an otherfolk carnival. Melanie feels she’s been told to hold back on her music, not to show off. A stranger comes into the place. He has a special violin. He says that she cannot play it. The stubbornness in Melanie says she can; she does. Her haunting playing calls to the otherfolk. While she was playing part of her left, her soul. Her soul is in the violin and if she gives it back, she’ll belong to the darkness forever.

What I liked

I have to wonder where all these stories of people trading their souls for musical talent come from? It’s a repeated story. Some musician made a deal with the devil. Someone went to the crossroads to make a deal with the devil. Someone played a violin duet against the devil, although, that one may be slightly more modern with the advent of the song The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Why is it musical talent? Why do the two seem to go hand in hand? If you’re super good at being a musician, you might have made a deal with the devil.

What I didn’t like

Melanie certainly seems full of herself, but if you’re that good at something, you just might be a little full of yourself. You always have to anticipate that there might be someone better; you just haven’t met them yet. Whether or not that better person is the devil is entirely left up to question.


Don’t play strange violins.

Weigh In

If you believe in the devil, would you ever make a deal with him/her, if you really wanted something very badly?

If you don’t believe in the devil, would you make a deal with the devil, or would you steer clear of any deals despite not believing in the devil?


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