#916 Superstar Watch created by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Superstar Watch created by Gertrude Chandler WarnerSuperstar Watch created by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Alden children hear about a contest for dogs. The winning dog gets to be in a dog food commercial. The reason the Aldens want to prize money is to help a friend get his bicycle repaired. Things are promising in the beginning. Watch makes the first cut of the auditions. When it comes time for the dogs to try the food on camera, several of the dogs won’t eat the dog food, but one of them will. There is something wrong with the dog food, but what? Why would there be anything wrong with the dog food in the first place?

What I liked

I like animals as much as anyone else, so that’s a good point to this story. There is also a bit in the book about essential oils that dogs don’t like, which might be accurate for smells they don’t like, but I’m not sure they would not eat dog food if it had those oils on it.

What I didn’t like

I’m not sure how I feel about animals in commercials. I like watching commercials with animals, but I’m not entirely sure how well those animals are treated. Maybe some of them are treated very well. I definitely think the situations where people take animals out of the shelter system and train them for various reasons are doing a good thing. I remember a few years ago that a family, who got dogs out of shelters and taught them to perform, won America’s Got Talent . I thought they were an impressive group of people. I cannot say that all commercial animals have the same origins, but it would be nice if they did.


Cat loves food, yeah, yeah, yeah…oh wait, this one is about dogs.

Weigh In

Would you put your pet in a commercial?

Are you for animals being trained for entertainment?

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