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One-elevenbooks is a website dedicated to reviewing books and stories. The website was started in 2011. The challenge was to read 111 books that year. The challenge was surpassed with 127 books on the first year.

After the first year, I decided to keep going. I keep tallying the count and it goes up and up as the years go on. I’ve read all kinds of books and learned more about the world than I ever would have imagined.

In addition to reviewing over 111 books each year, I also review and analysis stories and fairy tales. So far I have read the entirety of The Grimm’s Fairy Tales and all the stories of Sherlock Holmes. I wrote about every single tale. I learned much about the world we used to live in and why people tell the stories they tell.

I’m also more than happy to review your books. Please use the submission page to submit books for review.

In addition to all of that, I am also a writer and illustrator myself. Feel free to browse my art.

Personally, I work a day-job in Information Technology, live in a defunct farm with beautiful trees, and generally strive to be a better person. The dream for the farm is to have it up and running again. The dream for One-elevenbooks is to be a publishing company for others to get their writings out into the world. That day may not be far off,  stay tuned on that front.

Ashe Arterberry

ashe (2225 Posts)

Ashe is the primary author and creator of One-elevenbooks. The project was created in 2011 as a personal challenge to Ashe. She believes it has tremendously helped her writing and story telling skills. She hopes to one day get paid to sit in a corner and read and draw, but traveling is good too. Ashe is a life-long artist and writer with bachelor's degrees in Fine Arts and Information Technology.