Book Haul: August 17, 2013

book Haul: August 17, 2013My book haul for August 17, 2013 was not as plentiful as my book haul from the week before, but I still did manage to end up with something. At times I suspect my favorite thrift shop of holding back the really good books for other people, but who knows, maybe people don’t give away good books to the thrift shop anymore. I did buy two books that really caught my eye, both for different reasons.

I would have liked more books, but if I could post a picture of my bookshelves and various stacks of books around the house, you would see that I don’t have quite the space to be buying up masses of books all the time.

What I Got

book haul august 17, 2013The Princes of Ireland by Edward Rutherfurd

I bought this book because its appearance intrigued me. The book was in nice condition and obviously a newer release that had been barely used. I’m all for nice looking books. I read the back of this book and it intrigued me a little more.

This is a novel, but it’s heavily based in history. That means we have a historical novel on our hand.

I almost had this really strange experience on my hands. I was perusing the back cover of this book and noticed that the cover art was created by Tim O’Brien. That would be no big deal, except for the fact that the other book in my book haul is written by Tim O’Brien. For a minute I wondered if they were the same person, but I did a bit of research. There are three famous Tim O’Briens. There is Tim O’Brien the author, who wrote the second book in my book haul. There is Tim O’Brien the musician, whom I know nothing about. Then there is Tim O’Brien the illustrator who illustrates book covers and magazine artwork. He’s pretty well-known and has illustrated in Times and National Geographic magazines. I kind of had this weird déjà vu moment when I read that name twice in the space of about a minute.

Back to the book, it’s about Ireland and so forth. The book apparently covers over eleven centuries of Ireland’s history, which I can imagine would be quite epic in the scope of things. The book is rather thick. I do like history when I can get it in the non-dry formula so, hopefully, this book will be something that is quite interesting.

Book Haul August 17, 2013The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

I bought this book because the title sounded familiar to me. It would be familiar because the book has been around for a while. It’s about the Vietnam War. The book is about what different soldiers in the war carried with them. It’s about their individuality in a sense. I haven’t read the book yet, so I can’t really say much more than that, but the premise sounds very interesting.

I have been associated with the military before and we often fall into this pattern of thinking of one soldier just like the others. We don’t think there are any differences between these people, but there is. One soldier is exchangeable for any other. It’s a sad way to look at things. Those of us who are on the outside of the action don’t censure ourselves for thinking this way because we don’t know any soldiers individually. I would like to think that maybe this book points of the individuality of the military instead of the cohesive terms we tend to think of the military as. I like the idea of personalizing war. We get too far removed from the idea that war is happening.

What I spent: $.50

Yes, you read that right, fifty-cents, not the rapper, but two quarters.



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