Book Haul: June 8, 2013

Book Haul: June 8, 2013My book haul for June 8, 2013 was not eventful, but the events that happened after my book run were quite eventful. It all started with a question of where we were going to eat dinner. This was late afternoon/early evening and we weren’t really sure where dinner should be. After going to a Japanese restaurant we like and finding it closed, we ventured forth to find some other restaurants. We finally decided upon Moe’s.

Our Moe’s is in a shopping center that houses a Wal-mart, a Home Depot, a Ross, a TJ Maxx, a Michael’s and quite a few other things. As we were minding out own business going down a parking lot row…WHAM!!!! Out of nowhere this pickup truck T-bones our car. My bag of books was in the back minding its own business as well. Everyone in our car was minding their own business. Well, needless to say, our car is going to need a lot of work. If you could see it you would determine that A) the guy that hit us must have been going pretty fast to do so much damage and B) we all felt like junk the next day, including the bag of books. I’m actually not sure how the bag of books felt.

We still went to Moe’s, but it was an hour after we had originally planned. I’m still sore and I have a headache, so if I write something that is incoherent, I blame it on my Home Depot parking lot accident. I also blame the fact that half of the doors on my car no longer work properly on my Home Depot parking lot accident. I have hopes that my Elantra can be repaired, but we shall see.

We’re also thinking about not going to Moe’s for a good long while.

This post is supposed to be about the books I bought and not the car accident I was in, so let’s get onto that.

What I got

Book Haul: June 8, 2013A Ticket to the Circus by Norris Church Mailer

At first, I was attracted to this book for the red and white stripes. Upon taking a closer look at this book, I found out that this novel is a memoir. I like memoirs. So I picked it up.

I have never heard of Norris Mailer before and maybe I should have. I don’t know. This memoir is not about Norris’s life, but his wife’s. His wife has apparently served as a great deal of inspiration for his writing. That’s sweet. I wish I had a husband who saw me as a muse instead of someone to cook dinner. Being a muse would be a nice gig.

Anyway, I can only assume this memoir has something to do with the circus. I did not read the inside flap in-depth. This book pretty much had me at “memoir.” I do admit, I have read some not so awesome memoirs in my quest for 111 books every year, but hopefully this isn’t one of those.

Book Haul: June 8, 2013A Kiss Before Dying by Ira Levin

I bought this book because it is authored by Ira Levin. I read The Stepford Wives and I was very impressed, so I decided to pick up any book I came across written by Ira.

I don’t know a lot about this tale and I don’t really think I am even going to read the inside flap. I’m just going to dive right in. I do know that this book has inspired at least one movie. I have not seen that movie. Perhaps I will watch the movie after I read this book.

I did not luck upon a 1st edition this time. That’s ok, all my books cannot be first editions. My copy of this book still has its dust jacket, although it’s a little torn. The binding seems ok. My copy was printed in 1953.

Book Haul: June 8, 2013This Perfect Day by Ira Levin

Yes, I did happen to find two books by Ira Levin on the same trip to the thrift shop. I will read both of these books and enjoy both of these books.

My copy of this book was printed in 1970. There is no dust jacket. It apparently used to belong to someone named Elen Atkins who was a LPN. Ellen was apparently quite proud of the fact that she was a LPN because she put the title after her name. Good for you Ellen.

By the way Ellen, if you’ve ever wondered what happened to a book you lost, gave away, or donated, I have it.

Unfortunately, some of the binding in my copy is kind of screwed up which is not awesome. I will try to be gentle with this book so it will last many more years to come. Again, I have no idea what this book is about, but I have faith in Ira.

Book Haul: June 8, 2013Little Bee by Chris Cleave

I have seen this book floating around Amazon for a while and since I saw it just sitting there on a bookshelf in the thrift shop I had to buy it. I don’t even know if Chris is a man or a woman. I checked the back cover of the book; Chris is a man.

I know this book is about two women and one of them is forced to make a terrible decision, but I don’t really know anything beyond that. I will admit I am drawn to the cover art. It reminds me very much of a woodblock print. This book is also a New York Times Bestseller, which is generally a very good indicator that a book is going to be interesting to read. I say generally, we all know some of these book lists have been wrong before. I don’t think this book will disappoint me though.

What I Spent: $3.50

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