The Battle of the Five Armies Movie Review

The Battle of the Five Armies Movie ReviewThe Battle of the Five Armies Movie Review

Well, it’s over. This is the last installment of The Hobbit. This is the last look we’ll have into Middle-earth until some misguided soul decides to remake LOTR, let’s hope it never happens. There are more Tolkien stories that could possibly be turned into movies such as The Silmarillion, but the Tolkien family hasn’t really budged on that one. So take a long hard look at this last Hobbit movie. It’s the last new stuff you’re going to see from Middle-Earth  for a very long time, if ever.

I went to the theater to see this movie with a friend. We watched endless previews, including another one for Into the Woods, I’m intrigued now, so I’m going to have to see it. The lights went dim and the movie started.


The beginning of the movie starts off with Lake Town under siege by Smaug. He’s flying around setting everything on fire. Bard is locked away in jail. He knows he has to do something. He finally makes his way out of jail as the corrupt mayor is trying to escape with the town’s riches. Tauriel is leading the rest of the dwarves who stayed behind and Bard’s children to safety, but it’s not easy. Bard’s son risks his life to get the fabled arrow and just like that Smaug is defeated. He dies rather unceremoniously and falls into the lake. The people are now without a home. They head to the deserted town of Dale by the mountain.

Thorin is all kinds of screwed up over the Arkenstone, but Bilbo has it. Thorin walls himself away in the mountain as war is coming. Orcs are coming. Elves are coming. The men of Dale are coming. Others are coming as well. There will be a terrible fight for the lonely mountain. Thorin will not listen to reason. He chooses war over peace. An army of dwarves show up ready to fight the elves and the men. Bilbo sneaks out and gives the Arkenstone to the other side to reason with Thorin, but it doesn’t work. Nobody has a chance to fight anybody because the orcs show up.

Bard arms the weakened men at Lake Town. The elves put aside their differences and fight alongside the dwarves making a pretty epic charge over a wall of dwarves. The fight rages on, but more and more orcs come. Gandalf, who became free of his imprisonment with the help of Radagast and Galadriel, knows there need to be more fighters.

Some of the orcs came out from under the mountains via tunnels dug by giant sand worms, or something, all I could think of were the sandworms from Beetlejuice. Finally, more soldiers show up. Thorin does realize that he has been wrong, but things and people are lost in the process.


Smaug’s death seemed really lackluster to me, but whatever. He just kind of died and then *poof* he was gone.

The scene where Galadriel puts the smack down on Sauron is kind of weird.

You know what, I like Martin Freeman; I think he’s great, but Bilbo was just too much Martin Freeman and not enough Bilbo, if that makes any sense. I love watching Martin in Sherlock and in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I really do enjoy watching Martin, but there are just certain things that you know are Martin because you’ve watched him in so many things and you kind of wish that those things weren’t there as much and maybe more of the character was there. This didn’t hamper my enjoyment of the movie; it’s just an observation.

Look, those sandworms, did they borrow those from Beetlejuice? Seriously.


There isn’t really any point of doing this section of the review because it’s three movies for one book and so much has been added to it, like the sandworms for example. Correct me if the sandworms were really in the book. Legolas misses his mommy. Oh poor Legolas, go cry about your mommy, who wasn’t mentioned in the darn book at all. You should stick with taking the hobbits to Isengard.

What I liked

The movie was good. I liked it, not as much as The Return of the King, but it’s still good. Bard was a nice piece of eye candy. Thorin wasn’t so bad either.

I really liked how the elves jumped over the dwarves; that was cool. I liked the various animals that the dwarves were riding, pigs, and sheep who climbed up the rocky cliffs–they crave that mineral.

This movie does make a pretty good statement about the danger of riches. Greed can be a powerful thing that can change who you are. Thorin is stubborn. He lets greed get in his way. He lets greed cloud his judgment. He lets greed make him take back his word. He lets greed take over everything. Look having a million dollars would be great; I would enjoy it  very much, but if I were to let that million dollars change who I was, it wouldn’t be a good thing. We have to be careful about money and about power.

I liked the illustration thing at the end of the movie. I thought it was really neat.

What I didn’t like

Look, where in the heck did those sandworms come from? Why doesn’t Legolas man-up/elf-up and do things. Ok, Legolas did have some pretty awesome fight scenes in this movie; I’ll give him that. Look, Legolas, Kate from Lost doesn’t like you. She doesn’t like Merry either. Kate likes Kili, but Kili…well, you know. Get over it. There are other elf women.

You know what, here’s what I would do: Legolas gets together with Arwen and Aragorn and Eowyn get together. I’m sorry Eowyn is just ten times cooler than Arwen.

This movie didn’t have a summation of things at the end as much as The Return of the King did. We see Bilbo going home and kicking people out of his house, but we don’t see what happened to Bard or what happened to the dwarves. We get the idea that Legolas is sent off in search of Strider, but his dad tells him that he’s got to find out Strider’s true name for himself. It’s Aragorn! Hey, at least if he couldn’t be in the movie he could at least be mentioned.

Parental Advice

Your kids can watch this movie. There is violence, yes, but it’s not overly gratuitous. There isn’t a lot of blood. There isn’t cussing. There isn’t nudity. It’s a war movie, but it’s pretty clean. The most sexual thing about this movie is the unibrow guy dressing up as a woman and grabbing his fake boobs.


Good movie. It’s sad that our trips into Middle-Earth are over, but hopefully we’ll find other good things to love.

Can you imagine if Peter Jackson directed The Very Hungry Caterpillar? It would be like four movies. It would probably turn into some story about how this crazy man-eating caterpillar is eating everyone in the entire Earth because he’s so hungry.

We Need to Talk About Kevin Movie Review

We Need to Talk About Kevin Movie ReviewWe Need to Talk About Kevin Movie Review

Amazon Prime has allowed me to watch this movie for free, so I did. It’s not exactly the kind of movie you gather people around to watch. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Lionel Shriver. I read the book some time ago. The movie stars Tilda Swinton, you may remember her as the White Witch in the newest adaptation of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

In a society where crime in schools seems to be sky-rocketing a movie that tells a story like this is pertinent to our current atmosphere. Just because it’s pertinent does not mean we welcome people telling stories about it. I have noticed that not many people have waded into the waters of telling stories about teenagers who murder other teenagers are school. I suppose it’s still something a lot of us don’t like to think about. In the end stories are always told about what’s happening in the world. One of the things happening in the world is major school violence.


Eva and Frank live a nice like. Eva owns a travel book company. She travels all over the world reveling in foreign cultures and destinations. Her husband is named Franklin. He words for an ad agency. They have a fulfilling life all on their own, but eventually they find out they’re having Kevin. Kevin is born and their lives change. Kevin always cries. They move out into the country. Eva hates the house; she misses her city apartment.

Kevin grows, but is a terrible child. He maliciously squirts colored ink onto Eva’s walls. He refuses to be toilet trained. Franklin says it’s all in Eva’s head; Eva says not. Kevin continues to grow and become stranger and stranger. A sister comes along, Celie; she loses an eye at a young age and the circumstances are mysterious. Kevin learns archery.

Eva works at a travel agency after everything is over. She goes to visit Kevin. They never say much. Eva’s house is vandalized by the local people.

Eventually the moment happens. Kevin takes his bow and arrow into the school gym and kills several people. He surrenders silently. It’s not until later in the evening that Eva learns Franklin and Celie are also dead.

Eva doesn’t know why her son did what he did. She prepares for him to come home, he was only a juvenile after all when sentenced. She deals with the vandalism and persecution. Eventually she finds she loves Kevin in her own way.


I had a hard time picturing John C. Reilly in this role. I know I shouldn’t have because I thought he was just great in Chicago. I always look at him as more of a goof, but apparently he can be serious too.

This isn’t the kind of movie you invite people over to watch. It’s a sad movie. It’s just sad all around. There is not really any glimmer of hope or happiness in this story at all. Eva eventually realizes she loves her son enough to allow him back into her life after he gets out, but that doesn’t change anything that happened.


The movie left out a lot of the discussion Eva and Franklin had about having children. Franklin was all for it. Eva was hesitant. There was always this thought in the back of Eva’s mind that her not entirely wanting children might have caused Kevin to turn out the way he did. That’s not really a part of the movie. It is a part of the movie to an extent. People are mad at Eva. They’re made because her son killed their children, but the movie never really gets into the part of the story where people question Eva’s ability to be a mother. Eva is in fact a fairly good mother, she gives Kevin everything he needs, but something still ends up being wrong with him.

Things are out of a sequence a bit. Eva doesn’t leave her family after Celie is born to go to South America; she does this when Kevin is a toddler and she goes to Africa.

What I liked

This isn’t really a movie you can like. You can say, “Oh, it was directed well,” or, “the acting was good,” or, “the story was thought-provoking,” but you can’t say, “I liked it.” Nobody likes a story like this. It was well presented for the most part. I was surprised with the acting. That kid that was Kevin was a brat. He’s either a really good actor or he’s just a terrible brat. There were parts of the book that were portrayed very well in the movie such as the scene where Kevin asks, “What personality?” and the scene where Eva takes a dozen cracked eggs from the super market because she doesn’t want to spend anymore time there.

What I didn’t like

This is a terrible situation. No one wants to think about that kid who decides to go into school and kill a whole bunch of other kids. It’s happened and it’s happened more times than any of us want to admit. What we don’t think about is how it affects the families of those children. How does the mother of the murderer live her life? What happens to her? How do people treat her? People blame her. There are always going to be the people who say, “You should have raised your kids better and this wouldn’t have happened.” We can’t say that because we don’t know for sure. Sometimes darling little Suzy turns out to be whacko. Nobody could have predicted it. There’s nothing anybody can do about it now. We just know that we don’t want to hang around Suzy now that she’s grown up because we’re afraid she’s going to cut us. Maybe she was raised by the most attentive mother ever, but that doesn’t mean Suzy can’t grow up and make her own choices or have a mental disorder.

Unless you know that some kid’s parents tortured them and abused them you can’t point fingers at a parent in this kind of situation. People took this out on Eva when they shouldn’t have. She had no control over Kevin, even when he was a small child. Kevin chose what he wanted to do and how he wanted to behave. Something was wrong from Kevin from the beginning and it wasn’t simply a matter of a mother not loving her child enough.

Parental Advice

Look, this isn’t a movie your kids need to see, ever. I won’t go into details; just abide by the blanket statement that this movie isn’t for kids, period. Heck, this movie isn’t even for most of us adults.


I watched it once; I don’t need to see it again.


The Red Tent Miniseries Review

The Red Tent Miniseries ReviewThe Red Tent Miniseries Review

This miniseries was created by Lifetime and is actually pretty good as far as Lifetime movies go. Someone must have pushed some more funding towards this project because the actors are better caliber, coming from Game of Thrones, The White Queen, and The Borgias just to cite a few, and the overall presentation of the movie is much better than the usual Lifetime fare. The miniseries is in two parts. It’s based on the book of the same name by Anita Diamont. I’ve read the book several times. Both are biblical adaptations of the story of Dinah.

The story of Dinah is in the book of Genesis. Dinah is the daughter of Jacob and Leah. Her brothers slaughter her new husband and all of the males of his entire city. Dinah is never mentioned again. This story is a look at what might have happened to her.


Dinah comes from a strange past. His father married four sisters. She has hoards of brothers. THe one closest in age to her is Joseph the son of Rachel. Dinah grows up with the tradition of the red tent. The red tent is where the women of the camp go to have their periods, as there were not such things as tampons and pads back then, they sat on clean straw and took a break from work. They told stories. They ate food. They did womanly things and worshiped womanly gods.

Jacob eventually breaks with Laban and moves his family into his brother Esau’s land. Jacob tried to take Esau’s birthright years before and everyone is scared, but things turn out alright. Dinah visits her grandmother Rebecca who is an oracle. They move outside of the city Shechem. There Dinah meets a handsome young man in the city. This man turns out to be a prince. His father is the king there. Dinah marries Shelem without the permission of her family. They demand all males of the city be circumcised as payment. The oldest brothers are not happy with this arrangement. Joseph tries to stop things, but it too late. Dinah wakes up in a pool of her husband’s blood. She curses her family and leaves.

Her mother-in-law finds her and takes her to Egypt. Where she has the child of Shelem, but she is barred from raising him herself and is kicked out of the house when he goes to school. Dinah lives by herself for years, but eventually gets married again and returns to the field of midwifery. By chances a million to one she meets up with her brother Joseph again. He too was treated terribly by the older brothers, but has managed to rise up and work for Pharaoh.

Dinah eventually makes peace with her past and the terrible thing that was done to her.


The movie was really well made for a Lifetime movie. It’s actually enjoyable to watch. It’s eventful. It has a time smidgen of history in it. The actors are good as far as Lifetime movie standards go. The woman who is Dinah was also in The White Queen if you happen to see her face and realize that she looks really familiar.

Jacob ages a heck of a lot while living on Laban’s land.


The Lifetime movie people played with time a bit in this story. Dinah is not as grown up as she appears to be when the family leaves Laban’s land. Jacob also doesn’t wait very long to marry Rachel in the book. The back story about Zilpah and Bilhah just isn’t in the movie. Joseph and Dinah were fairly close to age. The movie leaves out the strife between Leah and Rachel.

Jacob does not wrestle the angel in this movie, but it’s in the book. He does not meet his brother at the river. Dinah is actually younger when she first meets her uncle’s family and grandmother. She and Tamar are actually friends in the book for quite a while. Dinah sees her grandmother more than once. There is another midwife that lives among Jacob’s family, but she dies and is buried on the journey away. Ruti’s story is practically nothing in the movie.

Joseph’s story is made a much bigger part of the movie than it ever was in the book. Why can’t this just be a story about Dinah like it’s supposed to be. How come so much of Joseph was dragged into this. Joseph is absent from the plot from the time Dinah curses her family to the time Dinah meets back up with him in Egypt many years later, but yet, the movie flashes back to Joseph several times over the course of things. Look, this is Dinah’s story, not Joseph’s. There have been enough movies made about Joseph. Enough people have told his story. This is a time for the women. Ok?!

Re-nefer, called the Queen in the movie, was not as much of a witch to Dinah as the movie makes her out to be. She wasn’t exactly welcoming, but she did not kick Dinah out of her house. Dinah actually helped raise her son. She was a midwife and went to work with her midwife friend from the time she lived in Re-nefer’s house. Re-mose comes to see his mother several times over the course of his education not just once. Re-nefer was a bigger woman in the book than she was in the movie. In the movie she’s just mean; she’s not really all bad; I promise.

Re-mose is never such a brat to his mother in the book. Joseph never locks Re-mose up.

What I liked

The movie is a good movie as far as Lifetime movies go. I know it’s a miniseries, but I’m calling it a movie, get over it. Anyway, if you hadn’t read the book, you would really enjoy this movie. You would think it was a neat look at what could have happened to Dinah.

I liked that Lifetime got themselves some better actors for this movie.

What I didn’t like

There was so much of the book left out and the movie makers played with time so much in the story. I also really don’t know why they felt the need to revert back to Joseph’s story so much. THIS IS DINAH’S STORY! END OF ARGUMENT!

This movie is a bit bloody for a Lifetime movie, which isn’t really what you would expect, but you know, Lifetime may be changing for the better, we’ll see.

Parental Advice

Like I said, there’s a bit of blood, more than you would expect from a Lifetime movie. There is nudity, sort of. There are sex scenes, sort of. As far as the nudity is concerned, nothing is showing, but people are clearly naked. Things are just placed strategically so no nipples or man bits are showing. The sex scenes aren’t that revealing, but they’re there. I think there may be some butts, but I don’t entirely remember.


I liked that someone made a movie out of this book and despite all the trickery the movie people did with the plot, it’s still a pretty good movie.


Mockingjay Part 1 Movie Review

Mockingjay Part 1 Movie ReviewMockingjay Part 1 Movie Review

Thanks to a Regal gift certificate I was able to go to the theater to see Mockingjay Part 1. If you didn’t know this movie is based on the book Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins and is part of The Hunger Games series. There will be four movies, even though there are three books.

Just as an aside, I did see some neat movie previews, Cinderella being the chief of those, but I also saw a preview for Insurgent. I did not have a favorable review of the movie Divergent because it was just terrible compared to the book. Fans of the Divergent series better pray to the movie gods that Insurgent is better than Divergent.


The movie opens on Katniss in medical care. She has been rescued from the hunger games. Peetah isn’t there. He was taken captive by the capital. Katniss is in District 13, which still exists. It turns out the District was bombed by Panem, but District 13 survived. They dug down underground and built an entire society below the earth. President Coin wants Katniss to be their symbol. She and Havensbee are planning propaganda films. Beetee can probably break into the capital’s communications and get the videos shown to everyone.

Katniss isn’t too good at acting and is taken out to one of the districts where the capital has unleashed its force. A hospital is bombed while she is there and Katniss is outraged. She agrees to fight with the people against the capital and President Snow.

The entire time Peetah is broadcast on television, but he doesn’t seem himself. He ends up warning Katniss that District 13 is going to be bombed. Everyone is able to survive. A rescues mission is staged to get Peetah out, but Peetah is not the same a Katniss remembers.


The atmosphere of the movie was great. I mean it wasn’t happy-go-lucky, I mean the film makers did an amazing job of creating an atmosphere of warfare and revolution. There were atrocities. There was anger and grief. The acts ordered by President Snow are horrendous. I loved the people who rebelled. They banded together under a symbol and fought back. This was depicted so well in this movie. I’m honestly going to say that this was the best movie installment yet.


Obviously, there are going to be two movies out of one book and that’s a big difference. I don’t recall that Finnick talked on television in the book, but I could be wrong. There is obviously some background stuff missing. The makeup team is missing. Some of the relationships and friendships aren’t as detailed in the movie as they are in the book.

What I liked

Just as Harry Potter appeals to children, but also tackles deep social issues, The Hunger Games also serves the same role. The Hunger Games appeals to teenagers. All these little kids running around wanting to be Katniss have no idea what that really means. Katniss is a symbol for a downtrodden people to get behind and follow. They take back their country. They rise up. They realize that they do not have to be peaceful. They don’t want anymore children sacrificed. They rise up. They sing together. They bomb a dam. They march together. They’re just not going to take anymore.

Honestly the scene with the people singing and marching on the dam is amazing. It’s a scene of true rebellion and revolution. Those people marched together. They banded together for a greater cause, one that would make the country a better place for their children on down the line and they risked their lives. True patriotism, in my opinion, is not about always sticking with the government, but about being willing to risk everything to make your country a better place.

Remember guys, we’re all here because of revolution. Our history was made by revolution. Our history was made by people who stood up and quit taking crap from corrupt ruling parties.

I liked District 13. I’m a fan of the Wool series by Hugh Howey, which is a dystopian series about people who live underground. District 13 made it easier for me to imagine the silos of the Wool series. I imagine that one of the silos would look much like the living quarters of District 13.

What I didn’t like

I really, really liked this movie, it’s the best one yet in my opinion, but it’s a little light. It’s a little light on Katniss. It’s a little light on Peetah. It’s light on Haymitch. It’s light on romance. It’s light on Katniss’ relationships with her family. It’s light on a whole heck of a lot. The entire movie, although great, seems like an introduction to the real action and the real problems. It almost doesn’t seem a movie in and of itself. It’s suffering from lacking a bit of meat, although, it’s nowhere near the vicinity of Divergent.

There is action in this movie and there isn’t action in this movie. There is warfare and destruction in this movie, but it’s a safe type of destruction. Look, the destroyed District twelve is full of bodies and bones, but otherwise, the movie is lacking on the downright dark side of warfare. I’m not a big fan of movie blood, but honestly, I think the message might have gotten across better with a little more blood, but I do understand this is a movie generally appealing to teenagers and younger children and they didn’t want to put a bunch of gore in it.

Parental Advice

There isn’t a lot of cussing. There is no nudity of course. Plenty of parents take children younger than 13 to see this movie, you could too if you really wanted to. Of course, they’re not going to get it. They’re not going to get the deeper meanings in this movie. They’re going to see Katniss shooting her arrows and making eyes at Liam Hemsworth. They’re not going to see how terrible the whole thing is. They’re not going to see a brutal ruling power that people are risking their lives to dethrone.

With all that said, The Hunger Games series may be a good dialog to open with children about the idea of corruption in government. I may be weird, but if I had kids, I would want them to know that governments don’t always do what’s best for the people and sometimes the people have to take their country back. A healthy respect for authority is good, but a healthy questioning of authority is also good.


I have my beefs with this movie, but it really was good.


In the Time of the Butterflies Movie Review

In the Time of the Butterflies Movie ReviewIn the Time of the Butterflies Movie Review

I was perusing my husband’s Hulu+ account and found that there was a movie adaptation of Julia Alvarez’s book In the Time of the Butterflies. I had to watch it, of course. In my review of Julia’s book, I explained that it was based on real women. The Mirabel sisters really did exist. They were known as the butterflies in an underground movement to dispose the dictator Trujillo from his reign in the Dominican Republic. The Mirabel sisters, three of them, were martyred by Trujillo’s people and six months later, Trujillo was assassinated. Because of the Mirabel sisters, November 25th is known as a day against violence to women in many Latin American countries. It’s coming up actually, so mark your calendars.


Minerva Mirabel lives on a farm with her family, but wants to go to school with her sisters. She finally convinces her father of her desire to go to the capital and go to school. He allows his daughters to do so. Minerva wants to be a lawyer when she grows up, but it’s illegal in her country for a woman to attend law school or to practice law.

In her school she is grouped with other girls in her age group. The school puts on a play and this is the first time Minerva encounters Trujillo. It seems one of the classmates go away with him and she never sees him again. Minerva, at first, thinks Trujillo is wonderful, but he is not. Another schoolmate tells her that Trujillo has killed her entire family. The girl also disappears. Minerva grows up and is invited to a fancy party that Trujillo is throwing. He takes a special interest in her. Her older sister Patria gets married and her sister Mate gets married.

Enrique Mirabel is imprisoned. Minerva makes a bet with Trujillo. If she wins, her father is freed and she gets to go to law school, Minerva wins, but her father soon dies after being released from prison. In law school Minerva meets a man and gets married. She soon finds herself a part of the resistance. Meetings are held at her house. Minerva graduates, while pregnant, but is refused by Trujillo the opportunity to practice law.

The missions Minerva goes on become more dangerous and more dangerous. Gun runs are common. Guns stored on family property are common. The Mirabel sisters, now known as the butterflies, work with local churches to get news of the resistance out. Two of them are imprisoned. They stay in a terrible prison for months. Other countries soon start investigating the things Trujillo is doing. The Mirabel sisters are released from prison. They are told they can visit their husbands who are also in prison, but they never make it home. Patria, Mate, and Minerva Mirabel are killed on the way home from seeing their husbands. Their deaths ultimately led to Trujillo’s loss of power in the Dominican Republic.


I never knew Marc Anthony acted. Salma Hayek was in this movie and I like her too. I love her Frida. Patria is played by the same woman who was in Like Water for Chocolate; her name is Lumi Cavazos if you wanted to know. I like her.

Trujillo was cast much older than I had imagined him at the beginning of the story. I thought he would have been thirty-something at the beginning, but honestly, I didn’t research too heavily into his age when the events of this story took place.


Some liberties were taken with the story. In this movie Minerva is our narrator, if we could say we had one. In the book, if anybody is the narrator, it’s Dede. Dede was the sole-surviving Mirabel sister. The book was told from the point of view of all four sisters, but Dede was the one who lived and was thus the one telling the story in the end. We don’t really get any of the story after Minerva is killed in the movie.

While imprisoned in the book, the torture doesn’t happen to Minerva, that I remember, it happens to the younger sister. The movie really makes Minerva out to be the star, but a lot more of the story concerned the other Mirabel sisters than this movie lets on.

In the book it is discovered that Enrique Mirabel has a secret family; there is no mention of this in the movie. There is also no mention of mother Mirabel moving out of her farmhouse. There is no mention of the marital problems that pop up in relation to the Mirabel sisters.

What I liked

Except for the liberties taken with characters doing certain things and not doing certain things, I thought the movie was pretty honest to the air of the book. The atmosphere felt as it should. You could feel that there was unrest. You could feel the despair the people were in.

I really liked some of the actors in this movie. They were great I thought.

What I didn’t like

I didn’t like that the story had liberties taken with it. There was also this artsy type of scene that kept cutting into the story of Minerva locked away in solitary confinement. Yeah, well that’s just nice and creative, but it cut through the story and I thought it was kind of boring. I’m not a director though and I’ve never studied film, so what do I know?

Parental Advice

There isn’t nudity or a lot of cussing in this movie, but we are talking about a very bloody period of history for the Dominican Republic. There isn’t a lot of blood in the movie, but the violence is strongly implied. In the end, the Mirabel sisters were beat to death out in a field. The movie doesn’t show this, it’s implied, but the implication is strong.

This movie isn’t for kids, not because it’s mildly violent, it’s not for kids because they wouldn’t understand. They wouldn’t understand what these women were fighting for and why Trujillo was so bad. This movie is way above the heads of children. Sure, you could let your kids watch this, but it’s going to be a whole load of nothing to them. They’re just not going to get anything and then if they’re inquisitive and observant enough, they’re going to notice that three mamas are getting beaten to death in a field. No kid wants their mama beaten to death in the field and it’s probably something little kids don’t want to imagine.


I thought the movie was pretty good standing next to the book. The Mirabel sisters were able to do a lot of good. It’s sad that Dede Mirabel died earlier this year and she’s no longer around, but the children of her sisters have gone on to hold important positions in the Dominican Republic after she raised them.