The Lord’s Animals and the Devil’s

The Lord's Animals and the Devil'sThe Lord’s Animals and the Devil’s

Darn goats! They’re always eating everything and making weird noises. Actually, I wouldn’t mind having a few goats on my property.

Once upon a time the Lord had created all the animals, but had forgotten the goat. He had taken the wolf the be his dog. The Devil decided he would create the goat instead, but he made the goat with a long tail. The goats were always getting caught in brambles and the Devil was constantly having to free them when their tails got caught. He got so fed up with all of this that he bit their tails off and that’s why goats have short tails.

The Lord saw that the goats were eating all his beautiful plants so he had his dogs kill the goats. The Devil was upset about this and demanded repayment from God. God asked him why he made a creature that destroyed things and the Devil said it was in his nature as the Devil. God said he would repay the Devil, but only after the last oak leaf had fallen off the oak trees. The Devil waited and when it seemed winter was firmly on its way, the Devil demanded his payment, but God said there was still an oak tree in a far off land that still held its leaves. The Devil went to wait for the leaves to fall off of that tree, but by the time the leaves fell off of that tree, all the leaves had already grown back on all the other oak trees. This meant the Devil never got repayment for his destroyed goats. He was so angry that he plucked out all the eyes of his goats and put his own in. This is why goats have the Devil’s eyes.

The End

The Lord's Animals and the Devil'sObservations

So the Lord is all-seeing, all-powerful, and ever-present, but he forgets to make a goat– I don’t think so.

From my knowledge of Christian theology, the Devil never played any part of the creation of any type of creature that walks or has ever walked upon the Earth.

With that being said, goats are associated with the Devil. There is one goat in particular that is pretty much a symbol for Satanism. That goat is called the Goat of Mendes. Mendes was a city in ancient Egypt. The local god of Mendes was depicted as a ram and was not considered evil, but being as goats are somewhat stubborn and weird-looking, they were generally viewed as having two sides. As time went by Eliphas Levi, an occultist and magician, drew the ram head inside of a pentagram. This symbol is now considered the “go to” sign for the Devil in many instances. There is also another goat associated with the Devil and that goat is named Baphomet. It’s more like a guy with a goat’s head. Eliphas Levi is also credited with one of the first drawings for this creation as well. If you want, you can totally Google an image of Lady Gaga using this same exact pose, that everyone uses to claim she is a devil worshipper, perhaps she is.

The Lord's Animals and the Devil'sThemes

God and the Devil are two entities we don’t see as human. God is not human; he’s God, or she, he/she, whatever you want to believe. He’s perfect. The Devil is not perfect, but he’s also not human. He can make terrible things happen that we could never possibly dream of engineering ourselves, at least not without his help. My point in saying all of this is that this story depicts both God and the Devil more as humans rather than the deity God is and the strange super-natural being the Devil is. We often don’t think about them coming down to our level; in this story, they have.

It’s about personalizing religion. We try to make our Gods a little more like ourselves. That’s why God forgot to make a goat in this story, when in reality, he wouldn’t forget to make a goat because he’s all-knowing. That’s why he tricks the Devil. Do you think God goes around tricking people? God is supposed to be loving; he doesn’t go around tricking the ones he loves. We expect anger from the Devil because he’s the Devil, but we don’t expect that he would fall for a trick like the one in this story, but yet, we keep running into stories where someone tricks the Devil. Personally,  I think he’s probably smart enough not to be tricked.

Basically, this is one of those stories where someone wants to say that the goat is the Devil’s animal because it ate his underwear off the clothesline and that God isn’t so unlike the rest of humanity.


Does it not seem a bit hypocritical that the goats destroyed some plants, but God destroyed the goats with his dogs, but then got onto the Devil for making animals that destroy other things, but at the same time God’s dogs totally destroyed the Devil’s goats?

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