Posted by | December 30, 2014
The Wild Swans

The Wild Swans This story is another one of those stories that is going to sound really familiar. There are at least a couple Grimm's Fairy Tales that sound an...

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Posted by | August 11, 2014
A Grimm Review: He’s a Prince, Honey

A Grimm Review: He's a Prince, Honey Some people marry for love and some marry for money. Generally, we have this cliché that if a woman dates a doctor, that's...

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Posted by | April 16, 2014
The Donkey

The Donkey I want to be a real boy! Look at that donkey shred on that lute! I don't know if you can shred on a lute like you can...

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Posted by | August 28, 2013
The Golden Bird

Summary The Golden Bird is a Grimms story about golden things. Golden birds, golden horses, golden princesses(not really) and an idiot, who is not golden. Well, he's not really an...

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