What the First Little Mouse Saw and Heard on Her Travels

What the First Little Mouse Saw and Heard on Her TravelsWhat the First Little Mouse Saw and Heard on Her Travels

The first mouse set out with her sausage skewer. She traveled as a stow away on a ship, where she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She then went deep into the forest where everything smelled fragrant. People were dancing with a maypole, but what does a mouse have to do with a maypole dance.

The mouse then came upon some very tiny people. They were dressed in the daintiest of clothes and called themselves elves. They saw the mouse’s sausage skewer and said it was just the thing.

They took the skewer and decorated it in the most wonderful manner. They were using it as a maypole. All the little people had a wonderful time, but the mouse was much too big to participate in all the merriment.

The next morning the elves asked the mouse what she wanted in return for the use of her sausage skewer. She asked them if they knew how to make soup from a sausage skewer. They told herĀ  that she had seen it. They had made wonderful things from her skewer, but the little mouse knew the king would not be overly impressed with he stories. One elf said he would make her staff produce violets in the king’s presence.

The little mouse made her way back to the king. There she told her story and produced the violets. The king wasn’t impressed with the violets and said they smelled too strongly and told a mouse to put his tail in the fire so it wouldn’t smell so much like violets. The little mouse was able to keep time with her staff and it caused all of the stuff in the kitchen to make noise. There was something cooking in there, but no one knew what. The king waited for more stories of soup from a sausage skewer.


This king doesn’t sound very nice.


This king wants to know how to make some stupid soup and sends mice out on a stupid quest all for the sake of his stupid request. This mouse found some wonderful things, but were they enough to impress the king? Nope. He’s a humbug is what he is. He’s not impressed with anything and probably doomed to always be sad. I’ve known a few people like that. Look at this amazing thing! It’s not that great; it’s only a model. Shut up. Just be impressed.


I’m waiting to see what happens to this mouse.

Weigh In

Seriously, why are people humbugs?

Is being queen really worth it?

Soup from a Sausage Skewer

Soup from a Sausage SkewerSoup from a Sausage Skewer

A group of mice once had a feast. They talked of how wonderful it had been. Everything was most delicious. Along the way, someone mentioned an old proverb about making soup from sausage skins, but the proverb was also known by the name soup from a sausage skewer. The whole party thought about how to make this soup and no one knew. The king mouse said he would marry any lady mouse who figured out how to make it. Four mice decided they would like the chance to become the queen. They set off into the world with sausage skewers. A year passed, but only three of the mice came back. They had stories to tell about where they had been.


This whole thing sounds an awfully lot like the idea of stone soup.

It’s entirely possible that someone has put a sausage skewer in soup before. If there is anything that can soak up flavor and nutrition, at some point someone has tried to eat it. If you’re starving anything goes, even that little bit of grease left over on a sausage skewer.


This is just the introduction to this story, but it goes to show you that someone people send others on ridiculous quests without knowing whether or not a person can fulfill that request. We have those people who say, “Make it happen,” but never stop to consider whether it should happen or if it’s even possible.


This kind of soup doesn’t sound very appealing.

Weigh In

Would you eat this kind of soup?

Do you think people expect impossible accomplishments sometimes?

The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage

The Mouse, the bird and the sausageSummary

I know you’re already thinking that the title The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage is strange and no such thing would occur in real life. Don’t worry, I’m thinking exactly the same thing. This is another Grimm’s tale that sounds like a joke…so a mouse a bird and a sausage walk into a bar…

Once upon a time a mouse, a bird, and a sausage became friends and decided to keep house together. The bird was responsible for bringing wood back to the house to light a fire. The mouse was responsible for bringing water into the house and setting the table. The sausage was responsible for cooking.

One day the bird was out and met another bird. This other bird told the first bird that he was getting the raw end of the deal. He explained that it didn’t take the mouse long to gather water and set the table. The sausage simply cut up vegetables and rolled around in the pan to season the meal. The bird soon decided he had had enough and had a heart to heart with the mouse and the sausage. I don’t know how you talk to a sausage, but whatever.

The three decided to switch jobs. They did something like drawing straws. The bird ended up with the task of bringing water. The sausage ended up with the task of bringing firewood. The mouse ended up with the task of cooking. The three were all willing to contribute to this new scheme.

The sausage went out into the woods to try to find wood, but that didn’t turn out well. A dog found the sausage and soon swallowed him up. For some reason the dog was an authority in the land and could say that the sausage was illegal or something. The other two friends weren’t happy about this. The mouse wanted to roll around in the pan to season the food like the sausage did, but when he tried, his fur fell out, his skin fell off and he died. The bird was so concerned about all of this happening that he fell in the well with the water bucket and drowned.

The End

The Bird, the Mouse and the SausageObservations

What a happy story. I’m a little confused as to why these three unlikely entities would become friends. Who is friends with a sausage? Sausages are food and cannot talk. Second of all, do you not think it a little weird that the sausage uses himself to season the food? That would be like walking into the kitchen to find your grandma spitting in the soup saying that it was the secret ingredient. You wish it had stayed a secret.

Yeah, this whole friendship is weird, but who am I to judge?

The bird, the mouse and the sausageThemes

Two themes, I see, hmm, yes, I’m Yoda.

The first theme I would like to discuss is this idea that if a relationship works, even if it’s weird, leave it alone. If you know a couple with a forty-year age difference, but they’re freaking happy, don’t keep trying to get the younger party to trade in the older party for a younger model. They’re happy, leave it alone. The bird, the mouse, and the sausage in this tale were obviously happy. Their system worked, but they let outside influence destroy the great life they had. That’s something we must always remember. We can have a good relationship with any manner of people in any manner of ways, but if we start letting other people on the outside tell us how we should be having this relationship, that awesome relationship you have can be ruined.

If something isn’t broke, don’t fix it!

Second, I see this theme of inherent abilities and limitations. While it is true that each of us have inherent talents that no one else might have, it can also be true that each of can have inherent short-comings that no one else has. If you know there is a weakness you have, it isn’t necessarily a good idea to push yourself to make it stronger. In some cases you should push yourself. It’s really up to you. We really want to focus more on physical limitations here. If you have a friend who doesn’t have any legs, you probably shouldn’t push them to run a marathon. It’s nice if they already have some of those prosthetic legs people run on. If that’s the case, by all means, encourage your friend to run a marathon. If your friend does not have the proper prosthesis, you cannot expect them to run a marathon.

It’s nice and it’s noble that we try to push ourselves and the boundaries of our weaknesses, but sometimes, there are just things we cannot do. You cannot send a sausage out into the woods to gather firewood. There are about a million things that would eat a sausage in the first five minutes.


This tale is strange and kind of sad. They all die. That’s terrible. We all know the Grimm’s weren’t men for happy endings, but usually we don’t expect everyone to bite the dust. Again, who is friends with a sausage?