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Jack the Dullard-an Old Story Told Anew
Posted by | July 19, 2015
Jack the Dullard-an Old Story Told Anew

Jack the Dullard-an Old Story Told Anew There was once a princess who declared that she would marry any man who could come before her and have a proper conversation....

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Posted by | June 18, 2014
The Sea-Hare

The Sea-Hare What is it exactly? Well, it's a type of mollusk that lives in the ocean and was referred to as a "sea-hare" back in the day because it...

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Posted by | October 23, 2013
The Water of Life

Summary The Water of Life is a self-explanatory title. This story has to do with a rumored fountain which brings forth healing waters and maybe even waters of immortality. It...

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Posted by | September 5, 2013
The Three Feathers

Summary The Three Feathers is going to sound quite familiar to you guys. It sounds awfully familiar to me. You will elements in this tale from recently analyzed tales, but...

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Posted by | September 3, 2013
The Queen Bee

Summary The Queen Bee is a tale that holes some of the similarities to the tale of The Golden Bird. Both tales speak of three brothers who seek a quest,...

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Posted by | August 28, 2013
The Golden Bird

Summary The Golden Bird is a Grimms story about golden things. Golden birds, golden horses, golden princesses(not really) and an idiot, who is not golden. Well, he's not really an...

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