#1115 Breaking Free by Rachel Jeffs

Breaking Free by Rachel JeffsBreaking Free by Rachel Jeffs

Warren Jeffs is the head of the FLDS church, even from prison these days. He has dozens of children and he has dozens of wives. He’s in prison for rape, aiding rape, and several other charges. One of his children is Rachel Jeffs.

Rachel is one of Warren’s oldest children. At first, Warren seems like a good dad. He likes to spend time with his family and sing songs, but it’s not long before Warren develops a fixation with his daughter that he shouldn’t have. He begins to spend a lot of time with Rachel. He touches her inappropriately and has her touch him inappropriately.

Rachel grows up, gets married at 18 to a man she doesn’t even know, then begins to have her own children. Her father dictates every part of her life. He tells her where she can live. What she can wear. What she can watch. Who she can talk to. More than once, he makes her live away from her children for an extended period of time.

Eventually, Rachel has enough of her father’s rules, rules which he enforces from a prison cell, and has her mother’s family who is on the outside help her leave the life of polygamy. She never sees her husband again. Rachel has since found another man who doesn’t live polygamy and lives with her five children on the outside.

What I liked

I’ve read books concerning Warren Jeffs before, but they were always from someone else, not a relative as close as Rachel. This was a more intimate look into the world of Warren Jeffs.

I am so, so, so glad that Rachel is out. Good job, Rachel. You did well for yourself and your children.

What I didn’t like

The words I want to use to describe Warren Jeffs are not appropriate for anyone under the age of infinity. So I’m going to cuss about it in Mormon.

Oh! My! Heck!!!!!!

What the one-piece garments is wrong with this heathen?!!!

Freaking, green jello, funeral potatoes, Brother Young!!

I thought, for like two or three pages, that I was going to see a more humanized Warren Jeffs. I did, just for a split second. It took literally three pages of this book before the Warren Jeffs we know made his appearance. Three.

This man is dangerous. The fact that he’s still alive, is very unfortunate; I say that with as much respect for my fellow human beings as I can muster.

I get that Rachel loves her father, despite the terrible things he’s done to her, but sometimes people you love can’t be a part of your life because they’ll destroy you.

Here’s the thing, not only is Warren Jeffs a criminal pervert(rapist, child molester, statutory rapist, abetted child marriages, and so on), he stole money from his church, he brainwashed and mentally abused his family, and, here’s a big one, he played with people’s faith; that’s just kind of the earwax flavored icing on top of the whole dirt cake. The things he did are bad, very bad, but it’s also bad that he took the faith of an entire religion and played with it. He deceived people. People left that church whose families had been in it from Joseph Smith because of Warren Jeffs. How dastardly do you have to be to not only rape little boys and molest your own daughter but also figuratively pick up people’s testimonies of God in your hands and snap them in two?

He is a horrible, horrible person no matter which of his crimes you want to look at. They’re all horribly awful.

I really have to wonder how he’s still alive. People know he’s abused children and that’s usually a pretty big deal in prison. That’s a lot of guards looking the other way while someone shanks you in the shower.

Part of the issue is that he’s a psychopath. He can convince people to do crazy things, which he did many, many times. He can talk people into actions they would be very uncomfortable with otherwise. I don’t even know what you’re supposed to do with people like Warren Jeffs. I don’t know that spending money to keep him alive in prison is the right thing, but I also don’t know that having him executed is the right thing.

I just feel so bad for his kids, his wives, and all the people he abused and misled. It makes me angry. It makes me sad.


What an awful example of a human being. If any person was ever a lizard person, Warren Jeffs would be it.

Weigh In

What do you think we should do with people like Warren Jeffs?

Do you think there should be an official crime for misleading people in a religious environment?


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