#1122 The Obesity Code by Jason Fung

The Obesity Code by Jason Fung

The Obesity Code by Jason Fung

Jason Fung wants to explain to the world why there is an obesity epidemic and his book delivers an explanation plus actions a person can take to counteract what’s happening. Jason starts out by giving a background of our weight through time. The main culprit, Jason decides, is insulin. We just have way too much insulin production going on, which makes sense. Insulin resistance is a big, bag monster that makes simple things like counting calories and working out turn into a complex math equation that not even Stephen Hawking could solve if he were still alive.

Jason reasons that in order to address this issue we need to rethink what foods we think are healthy and how often we eat. A constant diet of snacks and meals doesn’t give our bodies a chance to reduce insulin, as would naturally happen. Jason suggests a couple of fasts per week and eating whole foods, for the most part. He’s still totally ok with you pigging out on ice cream and birthday cake at celebrations.

What I liked

Jason’s book is really informative. It’s a little too technical for some people, but it’s helpful for anyone who has tried all the things that are supposed to work with subpar results. Insulin does play a huge part in being able to lose weight. Any person who has ever experienced insulin resistance will tell you straight-up that they’ve tried everything in the book to lose weight, but it just doesn’t pan out like it’s supposed to. Then they get ridiculed by society for failing when they’re eating much less than those around them and probably exercising a heck of a lot more.

The whole book is mostly well thought out. It’s a good resource.

What I didn’t like

Jason makes his point probably fifty times more than he should have to. There’s a lot of repeated reasoning in this book. Yes, we’ve already established that having constant high insulin levels make it incredibly difficult to lose weight and about as easy as half a slice of pie to gain weight; we don’t need to hear it again. This book could be more succinct than it is.

If you’re looking at certain ebook versions of this book, the helpful charts won’t show up. I’m sure those charts Jason put in this book are helpful, but I have no idea what they are because I couldn’t see them in the ebook version I was reading.

There are still people who are absolutely going to die on the hill of CICO no matter what evidence you give them or no matter what documentation you have. Those people simply don’t acknowledge that insulin resistance is a real thing, but you know, doctors can run blood tests and diagnosis it, so, you know, they’re flat-out ignoring a scientific medical test. Those people don’t care about the information inside of this book and they don’t care about the people who have experienced the struggle of insulin resistance first-hand. It’s a sad thing that a well-researched idea can be presented and so many people just dismiss it immediately. Kudos to Jason for trying to get this information out there, even if maybe his ideas won’t work for everyone.

I’m not sure if the title of the book is the right title for appealing to most people. So many people are going to look at this book and immediately dismiss it as “something for fat people.” In reality, the messages in this book are for everyone. We do eat too much sugar. Our food is too processed. Too much insulin really does make you gain weight.


There’s just way too much sugar.

Weigh In

If you’re a normal weight and have been your entire life, do you seek out books about food?

Would you dismiss this book if you weren’t looking to lose weight?

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