#946 The Box that Watch Found created by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Box that Watch Found created by Gertrude Chandler WarnerThe Box that Watch Found created by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Aldens are at the park when Watch, their dog, finds a box. In that box is an object. The Aldens start asking around and find out about the world of geocaching. People carry around GPS devices, in the woods, and different places. People hide things at certain coordinates. Other people then use their GPS devices to find those items. They are supposed to leave something if they take the thing.

Their area is home to a geocaching club. Some of the geocaches have gone missing though. Who would go geocaching and just take things without putting anything in its place? What’s the deal?

What I liked

I almost went geocaching once, at Dupont State Park. I didn’t end up doing any geocaching there, but I did do quite a bit of hiking, including a hike one day that took me past three lakes and up to the very top of a waterfall. It was a nice hike, but ended up being kind of brutal, but I did get to see one of the filming locations for The Last of the Mohicans(Bridal Veil Falls) so there’s that. Getting there was fine, going back was awful. It was just one of those hikes where I had to look down at the ground and count each step and start all over again when I got to a certain number to keep my mind off of how far I had to walk to get back to my car.

I think geocaching is a neat idea. I guess that’s sort of what Pokemon Go is these days. It’s an adventure and it gets you out of the house, well, maybe. I guess you could go geocaching in your own house. Where’s the remote? Well, it’s at these coordinates. Find it.

What I didn’t like

I kind of feel like geocaching was probably a big trend at the time this book was written. It seems like the Boxcar Children do a lot of trendy things. When are they going to grow beards and become hipsters?


This geocache is just directions to another geocache! The hunt is on!

Weigh In

Have you ever been geocaching?

What would put in a geocache that was funny?

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