Beauty of Form and Beauty of Mind

Beauty of Form and Beauty of MindBeauty of Form and Beauty of Mind

There was once a sculptor who was visiting Italy. There he had the chance to be entertained at a widow’s house. She was a nice enough woman, but she was a few crayons short of a box. She asked numerous questions and didn’t know about anything.

Her daughter had happened to have been there with her. The daughter was beautiful in appearance. She didn’t say a whole lot. Her name was Kaela. The sculptor was so taken with Kaela that they were married. Her mother continued to ask questions. Kaela continued to be beautiful, but dull. She did not speak very much and could not follow the sculptor’s conversation, nor could her mother. The mother and daughter often talked the most nonsense.

After a time, they all went on a trip to Italy. It was enjoyable for the most part, but when they came back Kaela was tired. Her friend Sophy came for a while. Sophy was not a beautiful woman, but could follow conversation. She was a breath of fresh air to the sculptor. After a time, Kaela died. Her mother wore black.

Sophy and the sculptor were married and they were quite happy. The mother said that the sculptor had married an ugly woman who couldn’t  compare to her Kaela. The sculptor told Sophy that he thought their souls fit together better, but Sophy told him that perhaps Kaela’s soul would become more complete and in the afterlife the sculptor would once again proclaim Kaela beautiful.


Who could have ever put up with the mother? How can anyone be so ignorant about the world around them?


Here we have a story comparing two virtues. Is one necessarily better than the other? Is beauty of the mind better than beauty of the body? Honestly…yes, it is. You’re definitely going to get more attention for beauty of the body than you are for beauty of the mind, but beauty of the mind is the thing that is going to stay with you. Your body’s beauty will age and decay, while your mind will remain relatively intact.

We tend to praise outward beauty. We praise female celebrities for their outward beauty more often than we praise their talent. We have a tendency to judge a person based on their appearance. If the person is overweight it must mean they’re an awful slob and not nice to be around, maybe they’ll eat all your food. That’s not how it works people. A personality and a body can be completely different things. Maybe a woman is beautiful and also has a beautiful mind, but maybe a woman is beautiful and she’s a completely terrible person. Maybe she kicks puppies and eats kitten hearts for breakfast. Maybe she looks like an angel, but inside, she’s a devil.

Likewise, maybe a person looks like the Hunchback of Notre Dame’s ugly red-headed step-cousin, but they could be an absolutely amazing person.

In the end, if you’re judging a person to be of some type of worth just because they look good, you’re doing it wrong; you’re doing life wrong.


Don’t dismiss a person just because they’re not beautiful.

Weigh In

What would be more infuriating–being ugly or not being able to hold a conversation?

Do you think the sculptor made the wrong choice the first time around? Or was it necessary for his progression?

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