Coyote Gets Rich Off the White Man

Coyote Gets Rich Off the White ManCoyote Gets Rich Off the White Man

White Mountain Apache

Coyote and Bobcat were out carousing one day and got drunk off of some white man’s whiskey. Coyote wanted to holler, but Bobcat told him not to. Coyote said he would holler quietly, but of course, it didn’t work out that way. Coyote and Bobcat were subsequently arrested.

Some of the white men were breaking a horse out in front of the jail. Coyote bragged than he could saddle the horse in nothing flat. The guards let him out to try. Coyote had horse magic, so right away the horse was under his control, but Coyote would kick the horse a little to make it act as if it was still putting up a fight. Coyote said the horse wanted a nice saddle. The horse wanted a nice bridle and a bit. Coyote needed nice clothes, because that was what the horse liked. The horse also needed a sack of money, of course. Once the horse had all of these necessities, Coyote kicked it real hard like it was taking off after him.

Coyote came to a tree and put the money up in the tree. Some soldiers came by after Coyote and Coyote told them he would sell them his money tree. Coyote kicked the tree and all the money fell out, just to demonstrate that it was actually a money tree and not a fake. The men traded all of their burros for the tree and Coyote kept the money, of course. It wasn’t until the next day that the men found out that Coyote was full of it.

Coyote soon slaughtered all of the burros because they were noisy, but Coyote soon bought another burro and he soon had another idea. He stuffed a bunch of gold up the burro’s rear and kicked the burro in such a way that all of it came out. He went in to town offering to sell his gold-excreting burro for a good price. Coyote demonstrated that the burro could in fact poop gold and people readily paid him lots of money. Coyote was off again, but the next day when the people kicked the burro all that came out was a fart. The people cut the burro open to check for money, just to be sure, but there wasn’t any.


There is actually a Grimm’s Fairy Tale about a donkey that poops gold. This story reminded me of that. I think it’s a story device to turn waste products into profit. Sometimes poop is just poop, but sometimes it’s fertilizer. Sometimes you can reuse that which has seemingly already been used up. That’s why the idea of a donkey pooping gold is so appealing. Sure you would have to feed it, but if it pooped gold everyday you’d be rich.


Some things are just too good to be true. No one, or no thing, ever poops gold unless you somehow swallowed a gold ring or a gold coin. A money tree? As if. Money trees just aren’t real. Money is something one has to work for, even Coyote, but he’s clever about it. You may think that what he does is not work, but he’s still using a skill in return for money. That’s called working. There is a gray line in this definition though. You could be a wonderful burglar who also uses their skills to earn money, but is it moral? Probably not.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is Coyote trying to pull one over on you.


This is funny.

Weigh In

If you had to take care of an annoying animal, but it pooped gold, would you do it?

Do you think Coyote was morally right or morally wrong for how he got his money?

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