Glooscap Grants Three Wishes

Glooscap Grants Three WishesGlooscap Grants Three Wishes


Three men had heard that Glooscap would grant their wishes, so they made the journey to see him, which took seven years. The first man who asked for a wish wanted to be able to provide meat for his family. He was a terrible hunter. Glooscap gave him a flute, that sounded pleasant, and when he played it, the animal could not resist coming to him. The man was quite satisfied with his wish.

The next man wanted women. Glooscap asked how many, and the man said he didn’t know, but more than enough. Glooscap gave him a bag and told him not to open it until he got home.

The next man wanted to make people laugh. He wanted to make a bodily noise that would make everyone chuckle. Glooscap gave him a magic root, which would do the trick.

The journey home only took seven days, but only one man returned home in one piece. The first man, the hunter, did not use his gift until he was home. There he went and was able to hunt and provide for his family, happily living out his days.

The second man could not wait to get home to meet his women, he had never won a wife before and was quite eager. He opened the bag and women swarmed out of it like doves. They began kissing him and grabbing him, but there were more and more women. There were so many that they smothered him. This man was found dead in the forest, no one knew what happened to the women.

The third man also could not wait to get home to use his new-found power. He ate the root, which made him make the noise, which he was extremely pleased about. He tried shooting a deer, but right as he was going to, the noise happened and the deer ran away. He made it back to his village, half-dead with hunger. Some people laughed at his noise, but it eventually got old and the man went out into the woods and killed himself.


I’m taking this as a guy wanting to fart on command. I wouldn’t exactly say that’s a great skill to have. Maybe it is, but I don’t think so.


Two of the men asked for frivolous things. It’s noble to want to be able to provide for your family. The second man was full of lust. The third man wanted to be a professional ham. Each of the other things have their place, but it’s not the soul purpose of a life. Your life is not all about experiencing lust or about making people laugh. People are more multi-faceted than that. These men asked for something that wasn’t going to serve them well in all parts of their lives. Their wishes were cosmetic, surface desires, if you will.

Surface desires are great in their time, but they’re simply not something you should strive for every single day. They should not be forefront in your mind. If they are, it’s time to evaluate your life and get some meatier desires that are more central to existence and fulfillment. No one was ever fulfilled by farting.

These men were silly and so they ended up with terrible ends, which is kind of sad, but really, if they were going to live their entire life focusing on frivolous things, where would they have ended up?


Think about that wish before you make it.

Weigh In

What would you ask for?

Do you think if the other two made it home that they would have been happy with their wishes?

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