Little Man with Hair All Over

Little Man with Hair All OverLittle Man with Hair All Over


There was once a little man with hair all over. He was out with two of his friends and two of them went out hunting and one was supposed to stay home and cook. When the two got back from hunting, the friend was under a robe moaning. They asked him what had happened, but he didn’t want to talk about it. The next day a different friend stayed to cook, but they came back and the same thing happened.

The third day the little hairy man stayed and the friends came back and there was food. They asked him what happened. He said a troll had come out from under the blanket and had tried to beat him up, but he killed him. They wondered what was in the hole and decided to go down. The little hairy man tied off a rope.

They got down to the bottom and found a two-headed man demanding to know where his son was. The little hairy man killed him. Then they met a creature with three heads who just attacked them. The little hairy man also killed him.

Behind a door they found three women. The three friends decided to take them back, one for each of them. When it was time for them to go up, the little hairy man was to go last, but one friend decided to cut the rope. It took the little hairy man four tries to get up the hole, but finally he did, and the two supposed friends were gone with the women.

The little hairy man found a wasp, a worm, and a woodpecker squabbling over the body of an elk. He helped them divide it up, and in return, they gave him the ability to use each of their forms.

He finally found the two supposed friends and the three women. He turned into a wasp and sat on one of the women’s shoulders. When he heard awful things said about them, he turned back into himself and killed one of the friends with his magic knife. He then took the three women to wife. He may have been little, but not everywhere. 😉

They were all happy enough, but the little hairy man decided it was time for him to wander some more. He came to a lodge where a young woman was crying and he asked her why. She said a slimy water monster kept her captive and nothing could kill him except one thing, but she didn’t know what that was. The little hairy man turned himself into a woodpecker and flew up and waited. The young woman asked the monster what could kill him. He said the monster could be killed, but then another creature would come out, then another, and then another, and then another, and so on, until there was just an egg, which must be dashed upon the forehead of the water monster in order to kill him entirely. The little hairy man heard all of this and set to work, killing the water monster. He took the girl for his bride.

Little man was enough for four wives, with a little left over.


This is a story with European influence. This story is so close to a Grimm’s fairy tale I read. I cannot remember the name of that fairy tale, but it was very much the same. The little man who came out of the hole and beat people up, the treasures, the princess, they were all there. The Native American part of this story comes in when Little Man takes four wives and transforms himself into different animals. The European version doesn’t have a man taking four wives or turning into any animals, thank you very much. It also wasn’t as risque. No one was talking about the hero’s penis size in the European version.

Now, if I could only remember the name of the story.


Don’t count the little hairy man for nothing; he may not be that good-looking but he may come out in the end. How many times have I had to say this? How many times have I had to say that it doesn’t matter what a person looks like on the outside; they may be able to do great things, despite what you perceive as their shortcomings. Hairy? Does it matter? Short? Does it matter? Really, if you get the things done that you need to do in life does it really matter if you’re hairy or short?

This guy is even well-endowed in the inner-pants department.

Be body positive people. The little hairy man may have been both hairy and short, but he knew he was enough for four women. Heck, I couldn’t handle four men. I’d be like, “Go away and leave me alone for a while, and for crying out loud, one of you, I don’t care which one, better take out the garbage!” Little Hairy Man has some skills.


Just don’t make him angry.

Weigh In

What other possibly European influences do you see in this story?

Could you handle four spouses?

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