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Once a young girl was going through puberty and they were going to have a puberty dance for her. The chief, her father, told the women to go and strip bark for her for an apron, but the girl was not to be there or to know. She got bored and decided to show up anyway.

She pricked her finger with a splinter and it bled and bled and bled. Nobody could get it to stop. The girl sucked on her finger trying to get it to stop, but it wouldn’t, but the girl decided she tasted good so she ate her finger. Then she ate her hand. Then her arms, then her legs, and pretty much everything except her head.

She started eating people. She threw them into her mouth and ate them all. One day a man stretched a bridge across the water for her to cross and when she was half-way across, the man pulled the bridge away and the head fell into the river and was washed away.


Puberty was pretty much exactly like this.

I love how the little drawing has hairy legs.


Is this a story of how puberty can go bad? Pubescent Girls Gone Wild, it sounds wrong on so many levels.

First off, I don’t appreciate the fact that a girl going through puberty was essentially compared to being a horrible monster. Puberty sucks and so does menstruating. It’s not nice to make up awful stories about how women turn into monsters when their hormones are going all over the place. If your hormones went all screwy like that, every single month, you’d be irritated too.

I’ve never been a woman who has experienced being ravenously hungry during that time of the month, but I know there are women who are and maybe they do want to eat everything and everybody, so get out of the way. This story had to have been a joke, told by some man. My daughter, she went through puberty, and she became a monster. Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard it before. Puberty for girls really sucks, if no one has told you this. Whatever man who told this story can go fly a f***ing kite.

Yes, I sort of cussed there. This story is mean, kind of funny, but still mean. Just watch out, the next time the woman in your life gets her period, she’s going to come and eat you, better run.


Why couldn’t there have been mountains of chocolate?

Puberty dance? Is that like Homecoming? Everyone dresses up and stands awkwardly against the walls because they’re going through puberty and they’re not sure about life and their bodies.

Weigh In

Is this story mean, in your opinion?

Did you feel like a monster when you went through puberty?

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