The Enchanted Knife-The Violet Fairy Book

The Enchanted Knife-The Violet Fairy BookThere was a prince who said that he would only marry a woman of royal blood, so he set off and went to ask for the emperor’s daughter. The emperor set forth a challenge for the young man. He must bring the emperor three distinct horses that had never had a master.

The princess already really liked the young man so she stole her father’s enchanted knife and gave the young man instructions on where to find the horses. There was a meadow. If he used the knife and had it glint in the sun, the horses would come and he could take them. He also found a lot of gold in the roots of a tree.

When the emperor asked the young man what he desired when he returned, he told the emperor that he wanted to marry his daughter and use his enchanted knife.

What I liked

I liked that this story was rather short. The last story, The Fairy of the Dawn, was long. Stuff just kept happening. This story is rather short and sweet. No one seems to be too much of a jerk.

What I didn’t like

Part of me wants to look down on this guy for saying he would only marry someone of royal blood, but then, part of me is like, “You got to have standards.” Having royal blood is a pretty broad standard anyway. There is probably a large portion of us with European heritage that has some royal blood; we just don’t have any power or riches to go along with it.


Enchanted Cutlery, the musical, brought to you by Disney.

Weigh In

What boyfriend/girlfriend standard sounds strict, but really isn’t?

What challenge would you set for someone who wanted to marry your child?

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