The Envious Neighbor-The Violet Fairy Book

The Envious Neighbor-The Violet Fairy BookA poor couple once had a dog, which they loved very much. One day, the dog found a treasure. This made the couple’s lives much easier. Their neighbor got envious though. He wanted to be rich as well. He borrowed the dog, after much convincing, but the dog didn’t find any treasure in his yard. So he killed it. He told the neighbors that their dog just fell down dead.

They were very sad, but one of them had a dream one night suggesting they plant a tree on the dog’s grave. They did so and made a mortar and pestle out of the wood. Each time they used the mortar gold appeared inside of it.

The neighbor heard about this well and after much convincing borrowed the mortar and pestle. When he used it, all that was in the mortar were very stinky berries. He broke the mortar in a rage.

Then the dog came to the couple in a dream again. He told his owners to get the ashes of the mortar and sprinkle them in the cherry trees when the Daimo came by. They did this and all the trees blossomed even though they weren’t supposed to blossom for some time. The neighbor likewise wanted this to happen for him, but when he did this, the ashes just blew in the Daimo’s face. He demanded the man be arrested.

The neighbors were happy and had all they needed.

What I liked

This is a fun story. I liked that this little dog provided so much for his owners. It’s a nice thought to think that even after death someone just might be looking out for you.

What I didn’t like

I am not a lender of things. I will give things, but I don’t lend things expecting them to come back. I would not lend you my dog. I would not lend you my mortar. It’s exactly stories like this that leave me with little faith in the realm of borrowing things. This man killed their dog. He broke their mortar and then burned it. Why would they ever want to lend something out again?

In my experience, other people don’t take care of your things. If you value your thing, whatever it may be, don’t lend it out.


Neighbors, man!

Weigh In

Have you had bad neighbors that borrow things and break them?

Do you lend things out?

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