The Mink and the Wolf-The Orange Fairy Book

The Mink and the Wolf-The Orange Fairy BookThe Mink and the Wolf-The Orange Fairy Book

A mink once killed a wolf. The grandmother wolf came to buy some goods from the mink and saw the wolf skin there. She knew it was her grandson. The wolves planned some kind of vengeance for the death of the wolf, but the mink was being crafty. He asked the mouse to gnaw through all the wolf people’s bows. The mink went to see the wolves and they chased him, but all their bows were broken. They eventually caught him though and were going to punish him, but the mink asked to have one last dance. He danced on two canoes, which got further and further apart as he danced, eventually, there was enough space for him to dive into the water and hide while they searched for him. They never found him.

What I liked

It’s a short little tale.

What I didn’t like

The mink was the jerk in this and he didn’t get punished. He got away with killing a wolf. I guess the lesson of the story is that some enemies are very crafty and can escape punishment.


Don’t have dealings with minks. Apparently, they’re murderers.

Weigh In

How would you feel if someone murdered one of your family members and got away with it?

If you had your enemy captured, would you grant him one last request?

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