The Snail and the Rose-Tree

The Snail and the Rose-TreeThe Snail and the Rose-Tree

A snail and a rose-tree were in a garden together. They spoke of things. The rose-tree could only produce roses and the snail thought this was rather boring. The snail said he would do great things himself. A year would pass and the rose-tree would only produce roses. The tree said it produced roses out of joy.

They discussed some of the finer points of life. The snail said the world was nothing of his concern and he could go into his shell and block the world out. The snail says that he doesn’t have to give anything to the world. The rose-tree gave roses, but the snail gave nothing.

Rose trees and snails came and went and they had the same conversations. Each snail always wanted to hide in his shell.


Snails, such slackers…

really, what do snails do that is beneficial? I’ve never thought about it.


This goes along with the theme of the last story about Psyche. You’re supposed to give yourself to the world. You’re supposed to use what you know and better the world in some manner. If you know how to take out the garbage, that’s great, take out the garbage, make the world a less smelly place. If you know how to build rocket ships, do that, take the people of Earth to the Moon.

You cannot, nor should you, hide away from the world expecting it to give to you, while you give nothing.


Don’t be the snail.

Weigh In

Do you think it’s selfish to go through life without giving of yourself?

Do you think the rose gave wholly of himself?

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