The Two Frogs-The Violet Fairy Book

The Goat's Ears of the Emperor Trojon-The Violet Fairy BookThere were once two frogs that lived in Japan. One frog lived in Kyoto and the other in Osaka. They each desired to go and visit the city the other lived in. They met at half way and said where they were going. They decided to stand on each other’s shoulders and look at the city ahead of them. They forgot that when they stood this way, their eyes went to the backs of their heads. So the frog from Kyoto was looking at Kyoto and the frog from Osaka was looking at Osaka. They each saw the same city that they came from and decided that since the other city looked exactly like the one they had come from they weren’t going to finish their journeys.

What I liked

This story is humorous and I like that. I think I’ve read it before.

What I didn’t like

Well, these frogs were kind of stupid, but a person never really expects a frog to be a rocket scientist. When an amphibian sends  a man to Mars, let me know and I’ll change my opinion.


Make sure you’re looking at the correct city before making decisions.

Weigh In

Have you ever had a moment like these frogs?

Have you made a lot of effort to get somewhere only to realize it was pretty much the same as the place you left?

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