The Boy and the Wolves or The Broken Promise-The Yellow Fairy Book

The Boy and the Wolves or The Broken Promise-The Yellow Fairy Book

The Boy and the Wolves or The Broken Promise-The Yellow Fairy Book

There was once a man and his wife who tired of living near their tribe so they went to live on their own. In time, the father knew he would die. The three children would be left alone once their mother died. The father made the older brother and sister promise to look after their younger brother. The father died first, then the mother died; the children were all alone.

For a time, things worked out well and the older two children kept their promise to their father, but the older brother became antsy and wanted to go find other people. He left his sister and young brother alone. He found other people, got married, and started a life with a tribe. The sister stayed for a while, but she too left and found someone in the tribe. The young boy was all alone now. His older siblings had forgotten about him. He started spending time with the wolves.

One day, his brother was out in the woods and heard his brother cry out. The young brother shouted that he was becoming a wolf. The older brother tried to rush to his aid, but it was too late. The young boy turned into a wolf and then ran off into the woods.

What I liked

This is a sad story, but it’s not an awful story.  There’s a lesson and it’s poignant.

I do like how the wolves ended up taking care of the young boy when his older siblings left. The young boy eventually became a wolf, perhaps to signify his adoption into the pack.

What I didn’t like

It’s pretty sad that the young boy was abandoned by his older siblings. I do feel for the older siblings as well. They were still young. They weren’t like twenty-five. They were probably teenagers themselves, but yet they were expected to be responsible for another human being? That’s not easy for a teenager to do, trust me. It’s not really a responsibility a teenager should ever have. I feel bad for the kid, but the older siblings shouldn’t have been put in that situation. I do think they’re ding-bats for not taking their younger brother with them. How hard would that have been?

“Hey, you, younger brother, get up, pack your bags, we’re going to find some new people.”


Keep your promises or someone might turn into a wolf.

Weigh In

If you’re a younger sibling, do you think that your older siblings would have taken care of you in this type of situation? Why or why not?

If you’re an older sibling who has had to be responsible for your younger siblings, do you believe you should have been given that responsibility? Why or why not?

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