The Bunyip-The Brown Fairy Book

The Bunyip-The Brown Fairy Book

The Bunyip-The Brown Fairy Book

Some young people were out one day in the wilderness, doing the things young people do in the great outdoors. One of the young men had promised his sweetheart that he was not going to return home without some sort of catch. The group decided to try their hand at fishing. For the longest time, nothing happened. Nobody got a single nibble, which is what fishing is generally like, boring and often fruitless, or fishless as the case may be.

Eventually, there was a tug on the line. The young man pulled on the line to find a strange creature on the other end. The group realized that it was a baby bunyip. While they all knew that bunyips were terrible creatures, most of us have no idea what bunyips are so we are not aware of the great danger this group of young people was in. The young man insisted that he was taking the creature back to camp, as his catch for the day.

As the group was walking home, they noticed that the water was following them. The lake, the actual lake, was following them home. The water kept rising and rising and following along behind. When they got back home, the others pleaded with the young man to let the bunyip go, but he wouldn’t. When the waters touched the people of the camp they turned into swans, every single one of them including the young man’s sweetheart and the young man himself.

Today, there are swans that look like normal swans, but they speak a language unlike any of the other swans speak.

What I liked

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a bunyip. It’s quite the interesting creature to add to my knowledge of cryptids. The bunyip is Australian, aboriginal to be exact. It was said to live around water. Wikipedia doesn’t have a great description of what a bunyip is but does give a little background about it. Some of the early Australian settlers thought bunyips were real and some creature that they hadn’t encountered yet. Some fossils of various prehistoric water creatures and buffalos have been attributed to being the basis for bunyips, but overall, bunyips are one of those maybe-creatures like bigfoot, thunderbirds, or that weird cat that supposedly lives in the swamps of Georgia ( I forget what people call that thing).

What I didn’t like

This guy did something stupid and even though his friends were like, “Hey, man, quit doing this stupid thing, please,” he just kept on doing the stupid thing. I am not a fan of people doing stupid things after other people have asked them not to do the stupid thing anymore, especially if the stupid thing could harm other people. It’s one thing if someone is being stupid and the only person who could die from the stupid thing is them, but if the stupid thing involves running around in a crowd with a stick of dynamite, maybe, just maybe, it’s a thing that shouldn’t be done.


A man says, “Hold my beer, watch this,” and everyone gets turned into swans.

Weigh In

Have you ever been in a situation where someone was being really stupid, even though people asked them to stop being stupid? How did that turn out?

Did you ever do something stupid, even though others advised against it? How did that turn out for you?



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