The Earth is still Mostly Harmless

The Earth is still Mostly Harmless

The Earth is still Mostly Harmless

Arthur finds himself living on a strange planet making sandwiches out of Perfectly Normal Beasts. The sandwiches taste great and things seem to be going ok, but all of a sudden, Trillian shows up and she has a kid. She tells Arthur that he has to take some responsibility for his daughter. This is all quite strange because Arthur never even did anything with Trillian that would remotely result in a daughter, but yet, here she is and her name is Random.

Random is a sulky teenager who doesn’t like life on the strange little planet Arthur is currently living on. Ford Prefect shows up with an entirely new Guide. There’s something sinister going on at the Guide headquarters and Ford is going to get to the bottom of it, even if they made him the restaurant critic and gave him a credit card he can’t max out.

Random ends up running away and ends up on the Earth, which Arthur hasn’t been able to find for some time, especially with all of his dimensional hoppings. It turns out the Trisha from Earth is there as well, but she doesn’t know who Random is. Before going back to the Earth, Arthur and Ford hitch a ride on the perfectly normal beasts who dimension jump during their stampede. They end up at a little restaurant where the king sings. The singer is great and he drives a pink spaceship with lots of chrome on it. Ford buys the spaceship after writing a review that the singer is the best he’s ever heard. Then Arthur and Ford use the pink spaceship to go back to Earth where Random, Trillian, and Trisha have all met up.

Meanwhile, the Vogons are hiding just as far away as the planet Rupert, a planet inhabited by aliens who have forgotten everything they know, but they like to watch TV. The Vogons are determined to put an end to this pesky Earth, once and for all.

What I liked

I love that Elvis left Earth of his own will and is now singing out amongst the stars.

The aliens that forgot everything are also fun. Isn’t it absurd to think that you might encounter a technologically advanced species from another planet, but it turns out they’ve forgotten everything they know? We’re always searching for intelligent life out there–what if it’s not intelligent?

Who names a planet Rupert?

What I didn’t like

This is sadly the last Hitchhiker’s book that Douglas Adams wrote. He died before he could write another one. Eoin Colfer wrote another book with the help of Douglas’ notes that kind of adds some closure to the series, but this is the last book in the series with Douglas’ personal touch.


I guess in the grand scheme of things the Earth is mostly harmless.

Weigh In

What would you name a planet if you had the ability to?

If Elvis did go into space, what do you think he’s doing?

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