The Hazelnut Child-The Yellow Fairy Book

The Hazelnut Child-The Yellow Fairy Book

The Hazelnut Child-The Yellow Fairy Book

A childless couple was once so desperate for a child that they said they would take any child, even a child the size of a hazelnut. Well, Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom and prankster-ness did just that. The couple had a tiny, tiny child the size of a hazelnut.

The child grew up and said that he wanted to be a messenger. His parents laughed at him. It would take him forever to walk anywhere. To prove that he could be a messenger, his mother asked him to take a message to his aunt. Well, the hazelnut child, hopped on a horse as it walked past and began to bite it and kick it until it rode like crazy. The horse’s owner could not determine why his horse was acting all insane.  The hazelnut child was able to deliver his message successfully. His parents were quite impressed, but still doubted that their hazelnut child could ever do anything great because of his size.

The hazelnut child soon said he would be rich. His parents, again, laughed at him, but their child hopped on a stork and flew off out into the world. He met some black people(that’s what the story says) who were so delighted with him that they gave him a diamond four times his size. The hazelnut child tied this diamond to his stork and rode back home.

The diamond was worth a lot of money and the family lived comfortably for the rest of their lives.

What I liked

This is one of those stories that shows us that we don’t necessarily have to be held back by our perceived disadvantages. Just because we don’t fit into society’s ideal of what a person should be doesn’t mean that we can’t accomplish great things.

What I don’t like

The hazelnut child did accomplish quite a bit, but the sad fact of the matter is that our disadvantages can hold us back, for our entire lives. We don’t all start off in life on an even playing ground. Some of us never even get to zero; we’re always stuck at negative twenty, while some people are at a positive five-hundred. Life isn’t fair. It’s up to us to make the best of what we’ve been given, but it can be so hard to attempt to be equal when we know we’re not. I have to commend the hazelnut child for not letting his tiny size hold him back.

Sadly, in the real world, if a person could be as tiny as a hazelnut, they’d have an awfully difficult time doing anything in our society.


If you’re at a disadvantage, try your best; where you end up may be pretty awesome.

Weigh In

When was a time you or someone you know persevered despite an extreme disadvantage?

Do you believe you have disadvantages that will always hold you back?


Does anyone want Nutella now?

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