The Little Hare-The Pink Fairy Book

The Little Hare-The Pink Fairy Book

The Little Hare-The Pink Fairy Book

Let me tell you the very weird story of how the lake came to be dry and the hare blamed everything on the rabbit. There was once a woman who demanded that her husband go and get her a liver, of some sort, I’m not really sure what kind of liver she was wanting, but it did involve the husband wearing the skin of the creature he killed for a day or so, so real Hannibal Lector type of stuff, yeah. He returned home and his wife told him to go away while she ate the liver all by herself. Things probably would have been fine, but she got super thirsty, and I don’t mean the kind of thirst one has for Jason Momoa. She drank up all her water. She drank up all the neighbor’s water. Then she went after the lake. She just drank it all up. There was this itty-bitty puddle left of what was once a large lake.

As you might imagine, this caused problems for the people, but also for the local animal kingdom. The lion demanded that he be the only one to drink the water, which isn’t fair, obviously. The hare decided that he was too thirsty to heed the lion’s commands, so he drank at night when no one else was watching, and then he smeared mud all over the rabbit’s face. In the morning, he claimed it was the rabbit who had drunk during the night. The rabbit was punished and the hare couldn’t help but brag about it, which meant that the hare also ended up punished.

The rabbit and the hare took up together, for just a bit. That was a bad idea. The hare tricked the rabbit into getting into a flaming hole and burning to death. The hare then made a flute out of the rabbit’s bones, like I said, really freaky stuff in this story. The hare then told the lion he had some good tricks to get lots of meat. The lion pretended to be dead and the hare lured all the animals in with a flute song. The lion killed all the animals and ate them up. The hare was not satisfied with his portion, so he tricked the lion into getting staked down. The lion died, of course, and the hare put on the lion’s skin and pretended to be the lion.

First, he tricked some hyenas getting into a boiling pot of water. Some of them died, but some of them weren’t quite so stupid. They scared the hare out of his lion skin and gave chase. The hare tore his ears off as to not be recognized. The hyenas did meet him again but did not recognize him. The hare escaped alive, but without ears.

What I liked

One certainly does have to admire the Brer Rabbit quality of this hare. It always seems that he comes out relatively on top of things. This hare did not escape unscathed, but he was still alive in the end. You have to give him that.

What I didn’t like

I have never met a hare. I’ve met rabbits, but not hares. I doubt they’re as smart as the hare in this story.

I don’t like the hare. I’m not particularly fond of anyone in this story. They all go around wearing the skin of dead creatures and I don’t mean nice leather belts or shoes; it’s like stalker, serial-killer skin you and wear your skin type of stuff. It seems that most of the characters in this story are brutal in some way. The man and his wife were brutal. The lion was brutal. The hare was brutal. The only person who didn’t seem like a jerk was the rabbit, poor thing.

The hare is kind of a jerk, but he still ends up relatively ok in the end, but I guess losing his ears might teach him to tone it down some.


Don’t make any sorts of deals with a hare.

Weigh In

Would you trust a hare?

What are you thirsty for?

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