The Snow-Daughter and the Fire-Son-The Yellow Fairy Book

The Snow-Daughter and the Fire-Son-The Yellow Fairy Book

The Snow-Daughter and the Fire-Son-The Yellow Fairy Book

There once was a couple who had no children which made them quite sad. One day the woman was outside and an icicle fell off the eave of her house and she swallowed it. She joked with her husband that maybe she would have a snow daughter. Well, it happened, which surprised the couple. Their baby girl didn’t like the heat at all. They had to keep her in a cold part of the house. She liked to play in the snow practically without any clothes on.

One day a spark sprang up out of the fire and landed on the wife’s stomach. She joked that maybe they would have a fire-son, well, they did. The son didn’t like the cold at all. He couldn’t stand to be near his sister. He loved the summertime, where the daughter hated the summertime. The children grew up as their parents grew old. Their parents died and they decided to seek their way in the world, both wearing furs so they would not make each other uncomfortable.

The girl found a lovely man to marry, but animosities never really healed between the two siblings. The Fire-son ended up hurting his sister’s husband and she got angry and attacked her brother. At the end of the fight, nothing was left of the two but some ashes.

What I liked

It’s a sad story, but it’s not awful. I like the contrast between the snow-daughter and the fire-son.

What I didn’t like

I feel bad for everyone in this story. The reality of things is that some people exist that we do not get along with and there’s not really a good reason for it. Some people just rub us the wrong way, but maybe they’ve never done anything wrong to us. I don’t know if it’s body chemistry, or auras, or whatever, but sometimes, some people, just aren’t for us. While this story was certainly an extreme example of this concept, underneath it all, that’s what this story is about. This brother and sister were not for each other. Their body chemistry, considering, wasn’t right with the body chemistry of the other. It’s awfully sad to think that no matter what you do, you won’t ever get along with a sibling for some intangible reason you can’t put your finger on.


Use protection when you’re around icicles or fire.

Weigh In

Has there been a time when you just couldn’t get along with a person? Why do you think that was?

Do you have a family member you just can’t be around for no particular reason?

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