The Witch-The Yellow Fairy Book

The Witch-The Yellow Fairy Book

The Witch-The Yellow Fairy Book

A step-mother once hated her step-children, a boy and a girl–you know, that same old story. She decided that she was going to send them into the woods to a witch. There, they would presumably either die or be in servitude forever. The children’s grandmother gave them some items to take along on their journey. Hopefully, the items would be of use.

The witch was indeed a witch. The children wanted to get away from the witch and the witch’s familiars offered their help for some food, which the children’s grandmother had given them. With the help of several animals and even a tree, the children were able to get away from the evil witch. Their father was so upset by all of this that he made his wife go away.

What I liked

I like that the kids were able to go back to their father.

I do like that the witch’s familiars were like, “Eh, we helped these kids because they were nice to us.” Just because we’re related to someone or employ them, or whatever the case is, doesn’t mean that we can treat those people like junk. They’re people and they deserve some respect. Just because they have to be around us to a certain degree doesn’t mean that we can take them for granted or generally be big, old meanies to them.

What I didn’t like

This story is so similar to many other stories that it’s not unique in any manner. Whoop-de-doo a step-mother doesn’t like her step-kids. Whoop-de-doo, there’s a witch. Whoop-de-doo, someone gave some animals some food so the animals helped that person out later. There’s nothing special about this story.

Here’s something else I don’t like–I get that this step-mother was mean, but what if she hadn’t been that mean? What if she was just trying to get these kids to do some chores and they blew the whole thing out of proportion? What if this was the case and the dad was just like, “Well, my new wife is obviously a monster, let me send her away”?

There are two sides to every story. We don’t know the whole story here. Maybe these kids were major brats and this wife got sent away for no good reason. I don’t think it’s entirely fair for adults to sacrifice their lives for children. Yes, there is a certain amount of things you have to sacrifice for kids, but adults can’t go around sacrificing everything for their kids. If that were the case we’d never get any work done or ever have a meaningful adult relationship or go to a concert of music we enjoy that isn’t Kidzbop or whatever it is kids listen to these days. No one ever said this husband thought his wife was a bad person. Maybe she was just doing the best she could and these kids were being bratty; the kids then made up a huge story about how awful their new step-mother was. Maybe this witch really was the wife’s mother and the kids just called her a witch. She’s a witch; she’s a witch. She turned me into a newt, but it got better– that sort of thing.


Supposedly evil step-mother sends her step-kids to live with a supposed witch.

Weigh In

If you have step-parents, was there ever a time when you tried to make your original parent think your step-parent was mistreating you?

Have you ever heard just one side of a story and thought,”Oh that’s just awful,” but then you heard the other side of the story and you thought, “what in the ever-loving heck”?

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