What the Moon Saw-Thirty-Second Evening

Moon by Ashe ArterberryWhat the Moon Saw-Thirty-Second Evening

This story is the last evening the moon speaks to the artist. Let’s start off with a quote from the story.

“I love the children,” said the Moon, “especially the quite little ones—they are so droll. Sometimes I peep into the room, between the curtain and the window frame, when they are not thinking of me. It gives me pleasure to see them dressing and undressing. First, the little round naked shoulder comes creeping out of the frock, then the arm; or I see how the stocking is drawn off, and a plump little white leg makes its appearance, and a white little foot that is fit to be kissed, and I kiss it too.

Um…yeah, we’ll talk about that later.

The moon is looking upon a house seemingly full of children. There are several children whom all share a room together. They’re of various ages. The older ones are jumping about doing all manner of things. The mother often sits in the room until the children begin to fall asleep. The youngest child, a girl, is not very old but can say her prayers as well as any of the older children. Every single night she says the Lord’s Prayer. Every single night she amends the Lord’s Prayer with something mumbled and spoken so fast that the mother cannot understand.

This night the mother asks her daughter what she has been saying after, “Give us this day our daily bread.”

The girl replies, “and plenty of butter on it.”

That was the thirty-second evening.



Hans was a weird dude. The more I learn about his personal life, the more I realize that Hans was just an oddball. He was definitely talented, but he was also definitely weird. He never married, although he fell head over heels for several people. He kept a diary, and he wrote about some of his loves, including self-love. Hans was not shy about writing about self-pleasure sessions in his journal. Maybe he thought no one would ever read it. I don’t know.

Even though, Hans was a weird guy; I’ve never read anything hinting at any inappropriate relationships with children. The bit of this story that I quote in the very beginning of this post seems a bit inappropriate. The wording is saying the moon likes the watch children undress. Look, it may have been ok at some point in history to say that you liked naked children, but it’s not appropriate today. You can’t ever tell someone that you like to watch children undress unless you want to go to prison.

Don’t take this bit of passage as inspiration or advice. Even though it may have been completely innocent in Hans’ day, it’s not innocent now. I know that says a lot about how we twist things, but it also says a lot about how there are a lot of pedophiles.


Kids are funny. This little girl prayed for butter on her bread. Everything is better with butter, even butter. That meme about Paula Deen and butter is the truth. Everything needs butter. Please don’t use margarine; it’s practically plastic.

Butter tastes good, that’s why people like it. This little girl liked butter. As a result, she prayed for her bread to have butter. The Lord’s Prayer is about daily life. It’s not about any extras. It’s just about living from day to day. Bread and water are subsistence foods. Living on bread may not taste that great, but it will keep you alive. You may be thrilled to live off of bread at first because freshly baked bread is amazing, but you would get tired of just eating bread. Butter on that stale bread would make your day and also add a few calories and some fat.

This family was probably a little on the poor side. There may not have always been butter. This girl had experienced a lack of butter and therefore did not take butter for granted. She thought it important enough to pray to God about.

Butter may be a little thing, but it was important enough for this little girl to pray for.



This story makes me want to have fresh bread and butter. Too bad about wheat making my gallbladder hurt.

Weigh In

What’s something funny a child in your life has prayed for?

Is everything really better with butter?

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